Justin Glass, Carbon Project Developer, Melbourne


I would just like to say how pleasantly surprised I was a month after you sprayed at Bindi, East Gippsland, in January 2019. 
The kill rate for blackberries on very dense infestations covering some 110 ha was both very high (in excess of 99%) and very efficient. 
Also, I was impressed with your professionalism in ensuring that you waited (three times) for the perfect conditions to do the spraying. 
I believe that the timing of spraying under ideal conditions, a massive and steep slope full of infestations under ideal conditions and your ensuring a strong coverage of the site; both contributed greatly to the kill rate. 
My crew with ground rigs will be able to mop up the remaining blackberries safely and efficiently in the areas under vegetation - my team much prefer to work this way. 
Thank you and an excellent job!