Agriculture - Rotor Solutions are the experts in precision agriculture.

Aerial agriculture has come a long way over the past few decades. With new technologies constantly developed, the possibilities for farmers are endless and the broad range of options are all designed to make a farmers job easier. 

Aerial spraying is an extremely cost effective method of chemical application, particularly in the hill country. The manoeuvrability of the helicopter allows the pilot to reach locations fixed wing aircraft and ground rigs cannot and in cropping situations the low level of flying and downwash of the blades provides excellent results, helping chemical to penetrate through a crop.


Aerial Spraying

  • All helicopters are fitted with GPS mapping systems to ensure the most accurate results and complete records.
  • The spray systems allow for application rates between 10LT/ha and 250LT/ha.
  • All loading vehicles are equipped for mixing on site to provide fast turnaround, and easy access.
  • SHP files and/or Google map overlay images of completed job provided on request.

The latest technology nozzles are used to ensure on target application and drift control. The choice of nozzle used is job and site specific.

These include:

Air Induction, Solid Stream, Delfoam and Hollow Cone nozzles as well as the uniquely designed Accu-Flo nozzle. Accu-Flo nozzles provide consistent, dependable and accurate drift control when operated correctly.

YAS Fert ougar.jpg

Fertiliser Application– Liquid & Solid

The fertiliser bucket has a 400LT capacity and is slung under the helicopter on a ten-meter line. It is easy filled using the loading hopper, which can be fitted to the front of a forklift or tractor. Perfect to finish the pasture regeneration process or help establish crops and pasture.


Apart from all forms of aerial spraying application, Rotor Solutions also offers a complete range of services for aerial agriculture, including:

Crop Protection

During the colder months, crop protection, such as frost control, is conducted on vineyards and Cherry drying in the summer right before the high season to remove excess moisture from the fruit during and after rain.


Used with the unique Isolair broadcaster pods attached to the side of the aircraft. This equipment is precisely designed for low rate, precision application.

Insecticide / Herbicide / Fungicide

Insecticide spraying on crops can be fundamental to ensure the life of a crop sometimes. The helicopter fly’s low to ensure the crop penetration whilst easily landing in any open space saves time, instead of ferrying flights to and from airstrips.


Seeding can be done using either the broadcaster system or the fertiliser bucket; ideal for sowing of pastures and pasture regeneration.

Other Services

Whilst Rotor Solutions does specialise in aerial agriculture, its not all they do. Other professional services Rotor Solutions offer include:

  • Powerline inspection and surveys

  • Sling load operations; Perfect for the Jetranger or AS350. Max load 800KG

  • Aerial ignition operations

  • Fire support and bombing operations – NSW and Victoria

  • Charter; including field days, special events and corporate charter.

  • Aerial Photography