Commencing operations in 2008, Rotor Solutions is a family business owned and operated by Chief Pilot Hugh Acton-Adams and his wife, General Manager, Monique. 

Hugh gained his flying experience spraying forestry and farms throughout Victoria and NSW for many years. Following this he spent further time in Tasmania gaining diverse experience and knowledge of the aerial agricultural industry, specifically forestry, before moving to Albury to start Rotor Solutions. Albury is central to the areas Rotor Solutions covers and makes an excellent home base. Hughs 14 year career has being primarily based around the aerial agricultural industry, his experience and expertise second to none.

Originally from a farming family in the hills of the South Island, New Zealand, Hugh understands the challenges and struggles of farming and how hard farmers work to maintain their livelihood. From a young age he witnessed the benefits and advantages of helicopter spraying and helicopter fertiliser application on his family farm. This interest was built in Hugh firmly with a family connection to pioneers of aviation in New Zealand and a long family history in many aviation sectors. 

Hugh and Monique are extremely passionate about providing customers with an excellent job done whilst at the same time ensuring the best service. For the past ten years they have not only been committed to helping farmers and landholders get the best out of their properties but undertake charter operations, assist with fire management services and help ensure public safety with the patrolling of Powerlines, 

Rotor Solutions prides itself on their meticulously maintained fleet of aircraft and support equipment. This is not only ensures precision in the work undertaken, it ensures staff and customer safety.  Rotor Solutions is always looking for new technologies and ways to make life easier for the customer, the customer is always number one priority.

Growing over the past ten years from a small business with one aircraft, to today, operating two large aircraft with a third available for use, along with a new facility located at Albury Airport, Rotor Solutions is proud offer their services and experience. 

Experience matters, precision and skill isn't generated overnight, but with Rotor Solutions you can always ensure you are in experts hands.

Every team member is highly trained and qualified to deliver optimal results, safety and customer satisfaction in all areas of the business

Our Team


director & Chief Pilot:

Hugh Acton-Adams has been flying for over 14 years and he loves his job! Hugh has worked in the aerial agricultural sector for pretty much all of this time but has a wide range of skills apart from precision agriculture, including powerline patrolling, fire attack and bombing and charter. Hugh has thousands of flying hours and years of experience under his belt. 


General Manager:

Monique Acton-Adams is skilled in administration, accounting and business management. Starting RSA together with Hugh, Monique is extremely focused on customer service and satisfaction. Monique is the CASA Drug and Alcohol Management Program Supervisor and Monique is also the boss of the boys! 


Head of airworthiness and maintenance control / Ground operations manager:

Ken Gorman is qualified in many areas and he wears these different hats with ease and pride. Ken deals with CASA in relation to all maintenance on aircraft. Ken is originally from NSW but has spent time all over the world including living in New Zealand and working on oil refineries in South Africa. Ken has a passion for farming, machinery and motorbikes.




Cameron Fleming is the newest member to the RSA team. Cameron hails from New Zealand where he has not long completed his CPL(H) license. Cameron is passionate about agriculture and has been immersed in it his whole life. Cameron's previous life has seen him as a ground sprayer, a tractor driver and helicopter ground crew. He is keen to get flying and learn from Hugh.. 


Accreditations and Licensing

Rotor Solutions is proud to be a company member of the Aerial Application Association of Australia (AAAA).

Rotor Solutions is committed to helping keep industry standards as high as possible and keep regulations current and in place to ensure benchmarks and values are meet. 

Rotor Solutions also holds a AAAA company Spraysafe Accreditation. Spraysafe is a AAAA initiative which aims for continuing improvement and professionalism in the application of agricultural chemicals by aircraft. 

As well as company Spraysafe Accreditation, all Rotor Solutions pilots and ground crew also hold the relevant Spraysafe Certificates. 

Every pilot and loader driver is highly qualified and experienced in the job they perform.  All pilots carry a CASA Agricultural Pilots License, State Chemical Licenses, along with AAAA Spraysafe.  All loader drivers carry an AAAA’s  Spraysafe as well as Chemcert Accreditation.

All employees also carry current:

  • First Aid Training

  • Dangerous Goods License

  • Crew Resource Management Training

  • an Industry White Card

  • Drug and Alcohol Management Training.

Equipment, Technology and Innovation

Rotor Solutions is devoted to ensuring all equipment used in their operation is not only fit for purpose but the most capable equipment required for the job at hand. Rotor Solutions are always sourcing new ideas and technologies to ensure precision.

Safety is always at the front of any operation, so each aircraft is fitted with GPS tracking to ensure pilot and customer safety at all times. Spidertrack units are located in each aircraft, these offer real time tracking operating under the Iriduim Satellite network and have automated SOS. As well as the Spidertrack unit, each aircraft is fitted with an ELT, and all pilots carry a personal ELT during flight. 

Helicopter spraying is at the core of the business and Rotor Solutions state of the art equipment compliments the skill and competence of the pilot to ensures precision application. Rotor Solutions utilises the smart Satloc G4 GPS System. The Satloc G4 is the most complete and advanced aerial guidance system for aerial application.  The GPS systems used offer customers the reassurance of Proof of Placement, with maps available on all jobs completed. 

Micronear Application Monitors on both aircraft measure the flow rate of application to gaurantee to the pilot the load is going out at the desired rate. 

Nozzle choice is critical, and the decision on which to use is based on each jobs requirements, factors include water rates, sensitivity of the job and coverage needs. The state of the art Accu-Flo Nozzle produces the highest rate of uniform droplet size and when used correctly it provides consistent, dependable accurate drift control. Rotor Solutions utilises these nozzles, on forestry application, as well as most Blackberry application jobs. Rotor Solutions has a number of different types of nozzles, each one specifically chosen for its unique capabilities.

In almost all operations the aircraft are supported by a mobile ground team. Whether it be helicopter spraying, fire fighting or powerline patrolling, fuel and mixing requirements come from the ground team. Each unit can carry over 2000LT of fuel and meet all relevant standards to do so.  For spraying operations the mixing of each load it just as important as putting it out, correct mixing of product to the label is the start of any spraying task. Rotor Solutions chooses the Goldacres Batchmate mixing system. The Batchmate, with its 800LT mixing tank, offers fast, safe and efficient mixing and filling. Using this with flow meter on loading, allows a precise fill into the aircraft to ensure no overloading and safety for the pilot.