Commencing operations in 2008, Rotor Solutions is a family business owned and operated by Chief Pilot Hugh Acton-Adams and his wife Monique.

Hugh gained his flying experience spraying forestry and farms throughout Victoria and NSW for many years, and then spent further time in Tasmania gaining diverse experience and knowledge of the aerial agricultural industry before heading to Albury to start Rotor Solutions.

Originally from a farming family in New Zealand, Hugh not only has a great passion for helicopters but a large family history in farming and aviation, including agricultural aviation.

Hugh and Monique are very passionate about providing customers with an excellent job done whilst at the same time ensuring the best service.

Rotor Solutions is always looking for new technologies and ways to make life easier for the customer. The customer is always number one priority.

Every team member is highly trained and qualified to deliver optimal results, safety and customer satisfaction

Our Team

director & Chief Pilot:

Hugh Acton-Adams has been flying for over 12 years and he loves his job! Hugh has worked in the aerial agricultural sector for almost of this time but has a wide range of skills apart from precision agriculture, including powerline patrolling, fire attack and bombing and charter. 

General Manager:

Monique Acton-Adams is highly skilled in administration, accounting and business management. Starting RSA together with Hugh, Monique is extremely focused on customer service and satisfaction. Monique is the CASA Drug and Alcohol Management Program Supervisor and Monique is also the boss of the boys!


Mark Brooker became a member of the RSA family in 2014. During this time Mark has slowly worked his way up the chain, starting with loading Hugh and now having just completed his first full year spraying. Mark had learnt from the only the best and is focused on customer satisfaction and excellent results. Mark is extremely passionate about helicopters and agriculture and loves being amongst the work.

Head of airworthiness and maintenance control/Ground operations manager: 

Ken Gorman is qualified in many areas and he wears these different hats with ease and pride. Ken is originally from NSW but has spent time all over the world including living in New Zealand and working on oil refineries in South Africa. Ken has a passion for farming, machinery and motorbikes.









Every pilot and loader driver is highly qualified and experienced in the job they perform.  All pilots carry a CASA Agricultural Pilots License, State Chemical Licenses, and an AAAA’s Pilot Spraysafe Accreditation.  All loader drivers carry an AAAA’s Loader Spraysafe Accreditation as well as Chemcert Accreditation.

All employees also carry a Dangerous Goods License, Crew Resource Management Training, an Industry White Card and have completed Drug and Alcohol Management Training.